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obstacle course Challenge rules

Teams have one opportunity to race against the clock.

  • Each team is comprised of four members
  • All team members will be stationed at their individual challenge.
    • 25 yard dash
    • Sack race
    • Soccer goal
    • Football toss
  • No cleats are permitted.
  • The team member 1 will start by running approximately 25 yards to tag team member 2.
  • Team member 2 will do the potato sack challenge approximately 25 yards to tag team member 3.
  • Team member 3 will do the Soccer Goal challenge kicking the soccer ball approximately 25 yards into the goal. Team member 3 cannot advance until goal is made.
  • Team member 4 will do the Football toss challenge throwing the mini football approximately 25 yards into the net. Team member 4 cannot advance to the finish line until goal is made.
  • When the challenge is completed, the time will stop.
  • Scoring and determination of finish will be based on final team member finish time .

The Countdown Begins!








This event brought to you by the Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission.

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