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team recruitment best practices

Engaging the sports and business community!

team recruitment best practices

  1.   Determine who would be a viable Team Captain that would be interested in taking on the responsibility of organizing a team. This person will be the lead contact and receive all of the information and communication from the Shreveport and Bossier Chamber of Commerce, and then share any relevant information to the rest of your team.


2.   Recruit Your Team Members

      • Start early! Mark your calendars and get the event on your company’s radar as soon as possible.
      • Emphasize the fun and spirit of the games. Being a member of the company team is what is important, not athletic ability. There is enough variety in the activities for everyone to get involved.
      • Encourage your company leadership to make it a “mandatory” team building outing for your department or team.
      • Promote that spouses and significant others are able to join in the fun. Even better, encourage them to get their company to sign up so there can be head-to-head competition. Who doesn’t enjoy friendly rivalry?
      • Utilize the Shreveport-Bossier Sports Biz marketing materials that are provided – such as, the event website, and other one-page flyers – to help in your team recruitment efforts.
      • Struggling to get people to commit? If a viable option, use incentives to encourage employees to join in for a half day event. Some companies already have established wellness programs; see if you are able to incentivize something through your company’s program.

3.   Practice, practice, practice!

      • Get your team together and practice all of the different activities that your team will be participating in during the event. Some of the activities you can even participate in ahead of time like archery at Hoot and Holler Archery, axe throwing at Bayou Axe Co. or participate in one of our area cornhole tournament presented by the Shreveport-Bossier Cornhole Association!

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