Risen Rock Rock climbing Challenge

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Rock Climbing Challenge Rules

Description: Start at Route 1 and complete each of the 5 routes clipping in and out of each belay for each route and ring the bell at the top of each route.

  • Put on required climbing harness with assistance or check off by a Risen Rock Climbing Wall Attendant.
  • Once the timer starts, clip into the first auto-belay.
  • Climb to the top of the route and ring the bell at the top of the 1st route.
  • After your descent, clip out of the 1st belay and clip into the 2nd belay on the 2nd route.
  • Continue completing each route by ringing the bell at the top and clipping on and off each belay until you complete the 5th route.
  • The clock will stop once the bell is rung on the 5th route.
  • In the event of a tie, the team member with the fastest time on either team, will be awarded with the tie breaker. 


  • You must wear a Risen Rock Climbing Harness when climbing on the Risen Rock Mobile Rock Wall at all times.
  • You must climb straight up the proper route according to which belay you are hooked into and ring the corresponding bell for the route you are climbing.
  • Only the current climber may clip in and out of the belay, no assistance from fellow team members.
  • All teams and team members need to stand 8 ft away from the perimeter of the mobile wall while the event is taking place when not climbing.
  • NO Necklaces.



The Countdown Begins!








This event brought to you by the Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission.

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